We, Vida Health Services (“us,” “our,” “we”), are committed to provide you with the best services. To ensure our mutual benefit and liabilities, we have set out a series of Terms and Conditions. You are Responsible:

1. You agree to comply with regulations and standards set out by Canada Travel for entry and exit requirements 2. I, the undersigned, hereby confirm I am at least of the age of majority in the jurisdiction that I am principally resident in and have been informed about the test procedure, purpose, risk, collection, and disclosure of confidential information 3. You agree all personal information is accurate as stated in your government issued identification 4. You agree with being responsible to bring your government identification prior to your sample collection as a form of identity verification to ensure correct matching specimen 5. You acknowledge that any misinformation or misrepresentation of information provided by you will not be liable to Vida Health Services. This includes any travel related incidents (i.e., travel requirements, testing requirements and documentation requirements), and/or monetary loss 6. You are fully responsible and liable for confirming the latest travel procedures and regulations with your air carrier and destination country before booking tests You consent to the following: 1. You agree to consent Vida Health Services for the purchase and provide services of Covid-19 testing procedures outlined in these terms and conditions. These conditions outline the liabilities you will be incurred prior to our Covid 19 testing 2. You give permission to Vida Health Services to share your personal information and notify Health authorities in the case of Positive Covid-19 test as stated by Alberta Health Information Act and Alberta Health Services 3. You consent to isolate yourself immediately after the Covid-19 test determines a positive result 4. In the event of a Force Majeure, you, heirs, executors, administrators, assign, or personal representatives agree to be held accountable for all liabilities and acknowledge that Vida Health Services and their affiliates (managers, members, agents, attorneys, staff, volunteers, heirs, representatives, predecessors, successor) forfeits any and all liabilities (such as fees, claims, damages, compensation, law suits) with respect to COVID-19 related tests and procedures or any physical or psychological injury or loss 5. You agree that in the case you require medical care or treatment, that you will be held accountable for any financial cost incurred from such treatment. 6. You consent that Vida Health Services is not held liable or responsible for any travel related incidents such as cancellation, travel changes, travel rejections and expenses 7. You consent Vida Health Services will collect and store your personal data and authorize Vida Health Services to send test results via email or phone Testing Acknowledgement/Consent: 1. The customer agrees to complete the Alberta Health Services Self-Assessment tool prior to your Covid-19 testing appointment 2. These tests are solely for the purpose of determining traces of Covid-19 strain within the person’s body via PCR or rapid antigen testing 3. Due to the increased volume of Covid-19 novel coronavirus testing. The customers acknowledge results time may vary based on demand and result turn over time, Vida Health services will not be liable for Covid-19 test results delayed or turn over time. 4. The customers acknowledge further testing may be required in the case of inconclusive results. In such cases, rapid testing will be provided free of charge 5. The customer acknowledges that the Vida Health Services does not provide any medical service or replace any medical services/practitioners; this testing does not replace treatment by any medical service provider or medical practitioner, and assume complete and full responsibility to take appropriate action with regards to the Covid-19 tests 6. The customer agrees they will seek medical care, treatment and/or advice from their medical provider and health authority if they have any questions or concerns 7. The customers acknowledge that they will be disqualified for rapid antigen testing if they present any of the symptoms outlined by Alberta Health Services such as the following: a. Coughing b. Fever c. Shortness of breath d. Runny nose e. Sore throat f. Loss of taste or smell g. Chills h. Headaches i. Muscle or joint aches j. Fatigue or feeling unwell k. Nausea, vomiting l. Diarrhea m. Conjunctivitis n. Loss of appetite 8. The customer consents to a nasopharyngeal collection swab or a saliva collection for Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) testing or Rapid Antigen Testing 9. The customers acknowledge that samples may be sent to our point of care laboratory facilities or other laboratories services to determine Covid-19 results 10. If testing services are paid for and provided by the customers’ employer. The customers acknowledge that all testing relevant services information will be sent to the customers’ employer 11. The customer acknowledges that a negative result does not rule out the possibility of Covid-19 infection. Many factors may interfere with the test results including, but not limited to, inadequate sample collection and/or sampling error, low viral load in customer specimen results into insufficient viral nucleic acid amplification, which could be below the analytical sensitivity of this testing procedure. Results must be interpreted in conjunction with other clinical and/or laboratory findings 12. In the case of unforeseen circumstances from both parties such as incorrect information/spelling mistakes on certificate, invoices, medical records, test reports, sample spillage or leak etc. or failure by laboratory partners, we do not guarantee the results. In those circumstances we will try our best to retake your sample at no extra cost to you. We do not hold liability for any monetary loss or airline ticket cost, travel expenses because of Covi-19 testing, or we will not be able to provide a refund or compensation of any kind. 2. Cancellation Policy Book your rapid antigen test or PCR Covid test for travel at our self-serve appointment feature located at our website. We offer free rescheduling, only once, without any penalty. That is our guarantee. If you need to reschedule, please do so 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment date via our self-service appointment feature (subject to availability). However, if you cancel, reschedule within 24 hours, or do not show up, you are subject to penalties which are the following: • Full cost of the test for no show • Cancellation before 24 hours is subjected to $25 administration fee • Cancellation within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment date is subjected to full charges depending on the service registered with no refund Please note, Vida Health Services reserves and holds the right to change the prices for services provided or fees at any time without formal/informal notice. The customer will be incurred charges for services or fees based on the latest price available. 3. Privacy Policy We are committed to protecting the privacy of our customers’ personal information and use all personal information in an appropriate and professional manner. The following are the privacy terms and conditions the customer agrees to: General Privacy: 1. The customer acknowledges that Vida Health Services will comply with provincial and federal law, governmental requests, legal process, applicable law, judicial proceeding, or court order regarding privacy and use of personal health information 2. The customer agrees and consents that Vida Health Services shall hold the right and title to any intellectual property in a de-identified manner Personal Information: 1. The customer gives permission to Vida Health Services to share your personal information and notify Health authorities in the case of Positive Covid-19 test as stated by Alberta Health Information Act and Alberta Health Services 2. The customer agrees to provide Vida Health Services with the most accurate and latest information and Vida Health Services will not be liable for any incorrect or misinformation Data Collection: 1. The customer acknowledges we collect data on the log and usage to better understand any service-related feature such as using it for diagnostic, usage, and performance information for our servers. These servers automatically collect and record information when you access or use our website. These data may include IP addresses, device information, browser type, settings, and your activity information on our website such as searches, files viewed, auto fill data and pages visited. 2. The customer acknowledges that we collect device data such as location of your device (precise or imprecise location), information about the device used such as computer, tablet, or any other handheld devices 3. The customer acknowledges that we collect and use information such as names, address, email, and phone number, and emergency contact 4. The customer acknowledges we may also collect payment data to process payments if you make purchases such as your credit card number, security code, and address 5. The customer acknowledges we collect information such as personal and family health history, medical history, and drug history 6. The customer acknowledges we collect medical records and used only for the purposes of determining the condition of customers Data Usage: 1. The customer acknowledges that we may use information to evaluate our performance, respond to user questions/inquiries/concerns, support research and improve services provided by the health care system 2. The customer acknowledges that we use personal information to facilitate account creation and ability to link to third parties such as Google, Facebook, Outlook, etc. 3. The customer acknowledges we will not sell or share your data with other third parties, except in the following cases: If the law requires it or for any legal proceeding; To prove or protect our legal rights; and to buyers or potential buyers of this company if we seek to sell the company Data Retention: 1. The customer acknowledges that we keep their personal information as long as, it is necessary or allowed as per laws and regulations Data Security: 1. We use a comprehensive set of physical, electronic, and administrative measures to ensure your personal information is kept safe and secure 2. The customer acknowledges that we store all personal data on your device or with our third-party cloud storage provider Cookie Policy: 1. The customer acknowledges that we may collect cookies stored on a user’s hard drive by our website. Its purpose is to collect data relating to the user’s browsing habits but also help improve our services based on your experience and functionality of our website. 2. You can choose to be notified each time a cookie is transmitted. You can also choose to disable cookies entirely in your internet browser, but this may decrease the quality of your user experience Third Party: 1. The customer acknowledges that a third party may collect their information. Third parties may include the following: Ad Network, Government entities/authorities, social networks, user account registration services, website hosting providers, data storage service providers, cloud services, etc. 2. The customer acknowledges third parties may collect information regarding their device manufactures, internet provider, analytics and performance diagnostic service providers, app ID Withdraw Consent: 1. The customer may withdraw their consent at any time by contacting Vida Health Services Age of Majority: 1. The minimum age to use our website is 13 years of age. We do not knowingly collect or use personal data from children under 13 years of age. If we learn that we have collected personal data from a child under 13 years of age, the personal data will be deleted as soon as possible. If a child under 13 years of age has provided us with personal data, their parent or guardian may contact our privacy officer Policy Changes: 1. The customer acknowledges that Vida Health Services may update or change our any and all our policies from time to time without any formal/informal notice